Developed and taught some of the first University Certificate programs across varied fields, including: Ethics and Compliance, Global Digital Media and Localization, and Sustainability Reporting.


These programs have been taken by executives from major Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Boeing, Bunge, Monsanto, Verisign, and more.


Honed pedagogical skills and high marks from students have resulted in numerous Teaching Excellence Awards.


Stellar grant performance and research support from varied institutions, including the US Department of Education, Adobe, Microsoft, and more.

Areas of Expertise

Business Ethics

Ethical Business practices have been shown to decrease regulatory risk, legal exposure, and increase consumer sentiment and profitability. My material runs the gamut from general Ethical Awareness, to industry-specific training such as Ethical Dilemmas in Accounting, and everything in between.

Regulatory Compliance

As the Program Founder and Developer of one of the world’s first Online Certificates in Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management, I understand the necessity and demand for Compliance training and education. Taking a holistic approach, I focus on training individuals to identify areas of regulatory risk, establish and manage compliance programs, impactful training, cost control, and effective risk management.

Global Digital Media

Our inter-connectedness has transformed the way we interact across the globe, but training in the business world has often not kept pace. Understanding the power of digital media, and being able to leverage tools such as social media effectively, can help you to open up new channels into untapped markets across the globe.


My sustainability expertise is concentrated around helping individuals gain skills such as: the ability to make a business case for sustainability investments, including analyzing climate-change induced risks for corporations. Skills to develop Proactive Sustainability Strategies for Global Markets. Aptitude for engaging with society and corporations to Champion “Sustainable Practices”, and the capability of analyzing Global Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility Reports.


Despite our common humanity, cultures differs, and theses variances can have an unforeseen impact on business practices ranging from compliance issues (e.g., in cultures where bribery is common), to specific color and thematic choices in marketing campaigns. With over 12 years of research into cultural customization,  cultural analysis tools, and cultural sensitivity, I can help you localize your projects, programs and strategies to your target audience.