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Dr Singh has been involved in spearheading ethics education and serves as the program leader for Certificate in Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management at Emerson Ethics Center, St Louis University. He is keen to extend his expertise to variety of organizations and has created a unique Ethics Training Program to do organizational outreach.More extensive details on his ethics, compliance and sustainability training and consulting can be found at IntegTree LLC.

The program provides interactive and informative training in importance of business ethics and how to facilitate ethical decision making. The program will showcase how ethics is the foundation for a healthy and prosperous business environment. The importance of ethical culture and its role in mitigating compliance risk and avoiding heavy penalties will also be highlighted.

The following agenda topics hope to be an introspective exercise in deeper understanding of complexities of ethical decisions and their impact on our life, our organization and society at large.

What is moral or ethical? Challenging some assumptions.

What kind of an ethical person are you?

Effective ways to facilitate ethical decision making & tackling ethical dilemmas.

Ethics and Business conduct: facilitating an ethical culture. 

An online exercise to help you identify your ethical strengths and blind spots and strategies to leverage them in your decision making process.

Discussions and ideas on creating an ethical culture.

Seven elements of an effective compliance program and creating a compliance culture.

Please contact Dr. Singh for additional information: ncsingh72@gmail.com