Research Publications
Conference Presentations
Ethics Training

Training and Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Nitish Singh has presented at more than 60 national and international conferences and has also done keynote speeches at various events. He has delivered corporate and professional training sessions to employees of several fortune 500 companies. Some of the training topics include:

  • How to build a culture of ‘Ethics and Compliance’ in your organization.
  • Facilitating Ethical Reasoning
  • Important compliance Issues that every company should know.
  • How to efficiently and effectively manage web localization efforts.
  • How to culturally customize websites various countries.
  • Best practices & strategies for doing business in China and India.
  • Developing green capabilities to enhance environmental & economic adv 
  • Corporate environmental sustainable strategies for competitive adv.
  • Marketing to Hispanics Online.

Consulting Practice:          

Dr. Singh has been active in terms of helping organizations with their ethics, web localization, global business and corporate sustainability needs.  Some specific areas wherein he could provide consulting advice include:

Assessment of your website cultural customization and localization efforts.

Help you develop culturally customized websites for various countries in the world.

Assess your corporate sustainability/CSR reports and provide recommendations for improvement.

Provide strategies to help you become more efficient and environmentally sustainable organization.

Perform ethical decision making inventory for your employees and provide data and report to help you understand areas of ethics training that may further strengthen your ethical culture.

Provide assessment and analysis of your global business strategy for China and India.