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“Online Cultural Customization Strategies for Hispanics, American Marketing Association (AMA) Spring Marketing workshop, Las Vegas-2012 (Invited speaker).  

“Should All Firms Culturally Adapt Their Websites to International Audiences?” (Boris Bartikwoski), Seventh Royal Bank International Research Seminar 2011 Concordia University Ca.

 “Reactivity Vs. Proactivity: A Cooperative Environmental Strategy for Multinational Enterprises” (Carrie R Tolmie), Academy of International Business (AIB) South East 2011.

 “The Rise of Chindia: Opportunity or Threat,” WorldWare Conference, Santa Clara 2011 (invited speaker).

 “Culturally Customizing Websites for Immigrant Communities: An Application of Levels of Acculturation Differences,” (Dan Baack), Academy of International Business (AIB) 2010

 “Effect of Personality Traits on Global and National Identification and Attitude toward the Ad,”(Stan Westjohn and Peter Magnusson), American Marketing Education (AMA) 2010 Boston, MA

 “Anglo-American Animosity towards the use of the Spanish Language: An Exploratory Study,” (Joseph L Little). American Marketing Education (AMA) 2010 Boston, MA

 “Web site Localization in the Chinese Market,” (Chen Ho Chao and Vincent Hsu), Global Marketing Conference, (GMC) 2010

 “Web Sites Localization and Korean Consumer E-Commerce Expectations,” (J.Park, S.Kim) Academy of International Business (AIB) 2009

 “Culture and Marketing Communications on the Web: A Cross-cultural Analysis,” (S.Yalcin, A.R. Apil, K. Staub, S.Sayfullin) Academy of International Business (AIB) 2009

 “Global Megatrends” The Localization World Conference, Santa Clara, Oct 2009 (Invited Speaker)

"Web Site Cultural Adaptation as a Driver of Online Trust in Global E-Commerce” (B.Bartikowski and D.Merunka) Academy of International Business (AIB). Milan 2008 

“A Conceptual Framework and its Empirical Investigation: Web Sites Localization by Japanese and U.S. Multinationals for Korean B-C Markets,” (Ji-Yun Pak and Seung Kim), Academy of International Business (AIB). Milan 2008

 “A Broadening of the Consumer Animosity Construct,” (Joeseph Little) Academy of International Business (AIB), Milan 2008

 “Modern Cultural Adaptation,” (Gary Muddyman) Invited speaker at  The Localization World Conference (2008).

 “Designing Culturally Customized Web sites,” Gilbane Global Content Management Conference (Invited), Boston, 2008

“Conceptualizing Effects of Cultural Web Site Design Adaptation on Consumers' Online Trust,” (B.Bartikowski and D.Merunka) Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) 2008.

“Culturally Customizing web site for Global Success,” A Key Note Speech delivered at Yahoo Summit March11th 2008. 

“Culturally Customizing Websites for Hispanic-American Consumers: An Application of Levels of Acculturation,” (Dan Baack & A.Pereira) Academy of International Business (AIB) 2007.

 ‘Are we practicing what we are preaching: Insights from Localization Industry,” (Gary Muddyman) Localization World Conference, Seattle October 2007.

 “Web Site Localization for Hispanic Online Consumers: An Exploratory Analysis,” (with Dan Toy and Lauren Wright) American Marketing Education (AMA) (Summer, 2007)

 “Internationalization Strategies of Indian Software Firms,” (with Vikas Kumar) AIB UK and Ireland Annual Conference Spring 2007

 “Effects of Life-Style Dimensions and Ethnocentrism on Indian Consumers' Buyer Decisions: An Exploratory Study,” (with John Spillan et al.) AIB Midwest 2007.

 “The Next Localization Frontier: Designing Culturally Customized Web Sites,” LISA Forum-Invited Speaker-for LISA-Gilbane-Managing Content Globally Conference, spring 2007. 

 “Web Site Cultural Customization: Strategies for India” Invited Speaker for Global Management Strategies Conference-Monterey Institute of International Studies, Spring 2007

 “Strategic Role of Localization in MNE,” (with Bryan Petro, Gary Muddyman, Jared Prichard, Katy Schweigerdt). Applied Business Research Conference. (Spring 2007).

 “A Cross-National Analysis of Global and National Identity as a Basis for International Web Site Usage,” (with B.Bartikowski, G. Fassott, M.Chao and J. Hoffman) American Marketing Association (AMA) (Summer, 2006).

 “Hispanic Consumer Expectations for Spanish-Language Web Pages: Some Qualitative Insights,” (with Sumit Kundu and Christopher Hurtado) American Marketing Association (AMA) (Summer, 2006).

 Importance of Web Site Cultural Adaptation and Trust on International Web Site Usage,” (with Boris Bartowski) International Business &Economic Research Conference. (Fall, 2006).

 “Exploring Hispanic Cultural Values: A Comparative Analysis of Hispanic and General U.S. Market Print Ads,” (with Boris Bartowski and Marco Gomez) American Marketing Association (AMA), (Winter, 2006)

 “The Emerging field of Localization Education,” Special session presentation (with Paul Barron, Kirti Vashee and Jennifer Nowotny) International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD), San Diego (April 2006)

 “Targeting Hispanics Online,” Special session presentation (with Paul Barron and John Yunker) International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD), San Diego (April 2006)

 “Website Cultural Customization: A Luxury or an Imperative,” Keynote at the Managing Global Web Sites Conference, San Francisco (March 2006)

 “Expanding Geographies, Expanding Reach: Case of China and India,” Workshop at Managing Global Web Sites Conference, San Francisco (March 2006)

 “Website Cultural Customization: Targeting International Online Consumers,” Academy for International Business (AIB-North East) (Fall, 2005)

 “Localizing Within Borders: Targeting Hispanic Online,” invited speaker at Localization world Conference in Seattle. (Fall, 2005)

 “Designing Culturally Customized Web Sites: The Next Localization Frontier,” invited speaker at Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) Global Strategies Summit in Boston-2005.

 “Consumer perception of web site customization,” (with Dan Baack) Academy of International Business (AIB), Montreal (Fall 2005)

 “The Consumption of Japantown,” (with Victor Ruiz) Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Conference, Tampa (Spring, 2005).

 “An investigation of the link between culture and web communications,” (with Dan Baack) The Third Royal Bank International Research Seminar, Montreal, September 22 - 24, 2005.

 “Studying Influences of Underage Drinking in United States: A Content Analytic Study of Alcohol Advertisements in Popular Magazines,” (with Brady Stubbfiled) International Academy of Business Economics conference, Las Vegas (October: 2004).

 Culture’s Influence on Web Content: Guidance on Adaptation of web site design,” (with Rick Wilson and Dan Baack) Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Cultural Perspectives Conference, Puebla Mexico (September: 2004)

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 “Studying Retail Purchase Behavior in China: An Emic Approach,”(K. Chan & S.Misra) Retailing and Services Science Conference (EIRASS), Prague, Czech Republic (July 2004).

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 An Integrative Framework For Cross-Cultural Analysis of Communication Content on the Web: A Study of 15 National Cultures,” D. Baack) American Marketing Association (AMA) winter conference, Scottsdale AZ (Feb: 2004)

 “Socialization and Consumer Activities of Young Adults: A Cross-Cultural Study of Ethnic Groups in America,” (Mike Chao and Ik Kwon) American Marketing Association (AMA) winter conference, Scottsdale AZ (Feb: 2004)

 “Targeting Global Online Consumers: An Application and Extension of Technology Acceptance Model,” (Mike Chao, Jenny Chao and Georg Fassot) American Marketing Association (AMA) winter conference, Scottsdale AZ (Feb: 2004)

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 “Assessing Measurement Reliability in Cross-Cultural Ethnic Consumer Research.” (With IK-Whan Kwon) World Marketing Congress UK. (June 2001)

 “Global E-CRM.” A Panel Presentation in March 2001 International Academy of E-business conference, San Francisco (March 2001).

 “A Framework to Measure Embeddedness on the Web.” International Academy of E-Business conference, San Francisco (March 2001).

 “Socio-psychological determinants of Consumer Ethnocentrism: An Ethnic-Subcultural Analysis.” (With IK Kwon). Association of Marketing Theory and Practice conference (AMTP), (March 2001).