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Localization Strategies for Global E-Business  The book features step-by-step guidelines to developing, managing and optimizing international-multilingual websites and insights into cutting-edge web localization strategies.Cambridge University Press. 2012.

website localization bookProduct Description:                                                 The acceleration of globalization and the growth of emerging economies present significant opportunities for business expansion. One of the quickest ways to achieve effective international expansion is by leveraging the web, which allows for technological connectivity of global markets and opportunities to compete on a global basis. To systematically engage and thrive in this networked global economy, professionals and students need a new skill set; one that can help them develop, manage, assess and optimize efforts to successfully launch websites for tapping global markets. This book provides a comprehensive, non-technical guide to leveraging website localization strategies for global e-commerce success. It contains a wealth of information and advice, including strategic insights into how international business needs to evolve and adapt in light of the rapid proliferation of the 'Global Internet Economy'. It also features step-by-step guidelines to developing, managing and optimizing international-multilingual websites and insights into cutting-edge web localization strategies.

The Culturally Customized Web Site: Customizing Web Sites for the Global Marketplace. Published by Elsevier Publishing. Highly Recommended by ChoiceReviews.Online, an ALA/ACRL publication. 2005

web localization bookProduct Description:
This book is the result of over four years of research on various aspects of e-commerce, culture, and online consumer behavior. The Internet, with its unparalleled access to global customers and the potential for highly customized marketing, has brought with it both promise and peril for international marketers. The promise of being born global with access to far-flung customers at unprecedented low costs must be tempered with the need for extraordinary business savvy to effectively confront the complexity of international competition and pressure on profit margins. How a company manages the access to a vast, multicultural global customer base, and handles other competitors vying for these customers will decide if it succeeds in the global marketplace.
A key issue in the quest for global success through the Internet is the ability to design a web site that draws targeted customers, generates the sought behavior (be it a purchase or other wise), builds trust and loyalty with these customers, and is invulnerable to competitive marketing actions. The process for this will obviously vary, depending on the needs of the targeted customersand customers in the global marketplace are of every cultural stripe possible, making for a multicultural sea of differing tastes and needs. In this context, where does one start to design web sites that are customized to draw specific cultural segments? The answer: right here, in this book.
Research (discussed in the book) shows that culturally-adapted web content enhances usability, accessibility, and web site interactivity, with the relevant cultural group. To help implement such cultural adaptation, the book provides a theoretically sound, rigorously tested framework. This framework provides the fundamental steps needed to culturally customize web sites.

Proliferation of the Internet Economy: E-Commerce for the Global Adoption, Resistance and Cultural Evolution. Published by Idea Group. 2009