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Dr. Nitish Singh Assoc. Professor Int. Business, St. Louis University
Brand2Global Conference. Principal Consultant at IntegTree      

Dr. Singh is Assoc. Professor at The Boeing Institute of Int. Business, St. Louis Univ.His professional engagement includes running Brand2Global: A Global Marketing and Digital Media Conference annually. He also founded IntegTree a company specializing in Ethics, Compliance, Sustainability, and other educational training products. He is the founder and developer of one of the first university online Certificate Program in Ethics & Compliance and several other certificates in the field of Digital Media Management. His educational training efforts have helped executives from AT&T, Adobe, Apple, Boeing, Dunken Brands, Emirates National Oil, Fed Ex, HP, IBM, Johnson Controls, Northern Trust, Novartis, Suncor, Verisign etc.
He has published more than 50 Academic Peer Reviewed papers in top journals, written 4 books, and presented at more than 75 national and international conferences.

His prior experience includes being a Professor at California State University Chico and heading the localization certification program there. He holds Ph.D. in Marketing and International Business from Saint Louis University, MA in Marketing from University of South Wales, UK and MBA from Pune University India.  His educational efforts have been supported by US Department of Education, Qatar Foundation,CSU, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft and other organizations. He serves as grant reviewer and has done grant audit for US Dept of Education Business International Education grants.

web localizationHis most recent book is Compliance Management: A How To Guide For Executives, Lawyers, and Other Compliance Professionals He is also the author of the book "Localization Strategies for Global e-Business" published by Cambridge University Press 2012. In the past he co-authored "The Culturally Customized Website" which is highly recommended by ChoiceReviews.Online. He has also co-authored the book "Proliferation of the Internet Economy: E-Commerce for the Global Adoption, Resistance and Cultural Evolution" published 2009. Dr. Singh has been doing cutting edge research and training work in Global Digital Media and Localization Fields. He is the Chief developer of several online and hybrid programs in Global Digital Media such as:Executive Certificate in Web Globalization Management, St Louis University; Certification in Localization, CSU Chico and Localization Project Management.

Dr. Singh is the recipient of research excellence awards, faculty excellence award, teaching award, service excellence award and was named one of the top 10 reviewers for International Marketing Review. He has also been active in training and consulting in the field of localization for websites, corporate ethics and compliance management, doing business in China and India, environmental sustainability, and marketing to Hispanics online. His research has appeared in academic journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), Journal of Business Research (JBR), Journal of Interaational Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Psychology & Marketing, International Marketing Review, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, European Journal of Marketing, Thunderbird International Business Review, Journal of Advertising Research, Multinational Business Review, Journal of Consumer Behavior and others. He has also presented his research and spoken at more than 75 academic and business conference.

Singh's teaching philosophy combines the idea of scholarly research with pedagogy. It percolates the importance of scholarly research right at the core of an undergraduate class-room and encourages these bright students to do what we as academics do: “Actively expand our intellectual horizons and contribute to our academic fields by conducting scholarly research and sharing the research findings in academic conferences and peer-reviewed journals.”  Several of his students have pursued scholarly research, which has lead to academic conference presentations and forthcoming publications.